What you get from heartbreak.


Now look around you’re on the ground made of sound/don’t forget to intertwine the time passing by
I may be to late once again and again for the second time
we both have the upper hand don’t you dare tell me to get back in line
The oldest human in the town has been born where might you find me
you’re trying to prove you’re made of gold then you notice you’re already being sold
Human curiosity how bad can it really be we know it’s gotta hurt to some degree I like how you smile for me

I know too well, I guess you will pay the price, they say they love you then go off and tell that same lie twice
You give them a dollar to borrow, you think they’d give you a rest, I’m telling you now, expect 15 cents back at best
This is what I get for trying to be close to a god I don’t believe in, what do you want baby take it from the heart, I am the threshold of til’ death do us part
People ask me who will be forgiven, well who’s gonna forgive? You can’t even look me in the eye to face the fact that love is blind

Whatever you promised, whatever you’ve done, in the name of the father/ in the name of the sun
No matter how elaborate your life has become, who not thou in heaven but under the sun
The flesh of a hornet fly, a buffalo in winter time, call it what you want but I know in my gut what it is not
Cut my hair, cut my hair, spoke a testament of hope, resolute I’m coming through and you can bet your ass I’ll be there too


from One More Hour, released July 2, 2018
written, arranged and produced by Madd
Madd on Guitar and Vocals
Clay Hawkeswood on Drums
Recorded at the Electric Plant in Chico CA
Engineered by Dale Price
Mastered by Jake Birdseye and Madd


(C) (P) all rights reserved