Yellow Paint is about a man painting the insides of his house a dark red and consuming yellow paint to feel happiness. Surrounding himself with dark colors and consuming what’s bad for him to feel happy and in the end, it kills him. He was willing to take a risk of losing his life to feel joy yet hurting everyone around him while doing so.


The man is painting the window dark, dark red, almost black
He stepped away to get a good look at his work but he saw me through so off to
painting he went back
I am on the telephone with 1-800-GOT-A-CASE-OF-THE-BLUES
They hung up on me when I said, “Aren’t you?” and someone was complaining
about the news
I couldn’t believe my tired eyes when I saw in the paper right next to the used cars
for sale, it said the working man has died
Turns out all of his house inside was painted that dark, dark red from pillows to
inside the washing machine
People asking all around what’s the cause of his death
My dear dear mother just lost a high school friend
Autopsy said he ate yellow paint with a note saying ‘this made me happy instead’
Many people thought of him as a mad man consuming toxins like champagne
but I have noticed he’s smart enough to know the consequence
He had found a greater risk and took the small chances he had because he knew
there were chances for everything, even a chance of happiness


from One More Hour, released July 2, 2018
written, arranged and produced by Madd
Madd on guitar, drums, synth, vocals and all the other shit on this song
Recorded in my bedroom in Folsom, CA
Engineered by Madd
Mastered by Jake Birdseye and Madd


(C) all rights reserved