The ground isn’t level but we can still stand I’m out here empty handed
Spill it spit it dye it red all I need now is a needle and a thread
The books are stacked ceiling high your last name is written on every spine
If you spit on a pencil it won’t erase ink
Madness isn’t foolish I don’t care what you think
I need distraction you need to focus should I deliver you a more direct approach
Is this enough is this a joke should I continue or make my way home
Same pastor that had my parents married, baptized me and had my grandparents buried
In a jejune manor praying over the dead as if they haven’t heard the best of it yet
Quiet close to almost silent of course its grown to violence
Yeah I refuse to answer run a little faster eat away my cancer don’t waste away in your own denial going down a spiral a weapon is a T.V. and question why you cannot sleep
Salvation hatred infestation talk to anti-machine cause you drank all the seven seas
from Q​.​E​.​D., released December 6, 2016
(C) all rights reserved