Division St. is a street in Nashville, TN. The song is about 4 days in Nashville and Memphis, TN and all the people I met, all the things I saw and what I noticed when people noticed me.


Going to and coming from half the day is already done
Number 3 yellow blue Lillie go on record write and think
Walk of fame to Cash’s things play on the street my look it stings
Stay a while step in grime hold the phone give me some time
Strangers sing right here with me robots dance animatronically
Plastic guitars and cars on rust all but amps are an illusion to us
Beale off to soul of Stax I saw it all begin to crack
Bump into her three times last don’t let these days go by so fast
All Sun Records air o planes write on the wall stand by the gate
We met from shenanigans five different states who’s mind am I in
from Q​.​E​.​D., released December 6, 2016
(C) all rights reserved