This is for all the people you will meet someday


Now watch my fingertips
as I’m getting dressed
and then you will notice
I haven’t moved them yet
I took that little red lighter
and melted away the frayed
I don’t want to see you later
I best be on my way

and all my 6 degrees too

Hey look I’m not that far
a few introductions and a wait
the difference of jour et nuit
made my eyes dilate

and all my 6 degrees too

Damned if you do damned if you don’t
I’m not gonna say that I won’t
To many people I can say that I made you cry
but I never remember why

and all my 6 degrees too


from One More Hour, released July 2, 2018
written, arranged and produced by Madd
Madd on guitar, bass and vocals
Clay Hawkeswood on Drums
Recorded at The Electric Plant in Chico, CA
Engineered by Dale Price
Mastered by Jake Birdseye and Madd


(C) (P) all rights reserved