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    my cup of tea(rs)
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    i love my little brother #creightonsux
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    wakey wakey ps im sad 2 be back on the mainland
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    the ocean is like, really big #luauparty #idontunderstand
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    New music video for 'What Is My Name' *out now
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    'BRITISH RACING GREEN' OUT NOW! My first single-- Available on all platforms now!! Just @jjustinalmazann and I on guitar and drums; mixed and mastered by Justin.
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    exciting 3 days so far; lots of swimming in the sea, boarding everywhere with bomb ass sunsets and views. we got into a car crash right after getting here (no one got hurt) and the next day we got an alert for a brush fire 1 mile from us so its been a hoot and a halfđź•· (ps working on a new music video coming soon and British Racing Green comes out tomorrow at 9pm PT)
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    happy new year everybodyđź•·
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    Polar Bear Swim 2019 Part of me is thankful I got sick this year so I had a reason not to jump in 34 degree water
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    paradise 2018 #campfire
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    1 year ago today, I made the move down to LA. This has been the weirdest, most fun and the most bizarre year of my life. Full of highs and lows; I met some amazing people, released an album, went to more shows than I can count, got to play more shows than I can count with the coolest bandmates, had my best friend and my family right by my side when times got hard and I am really excited for what is coming next.
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    We are coming to Sacramento!! Feb 23rd at @holydiversac with @destroyboysband !!!