One More Hour

Madd- One More Hour album cover
Release Date: 2018-07-02
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My second studio album

I began recording ‘One More Hour’ March 2017 in Chico CA and continued the process after moving to Folsom CA then a few months later, to Los Angeles CA. One More Hour was heavily influenced by Prince, The Cure, The White Stripes, The Clash and Depeche Mode. One More Hour includes elements of punk, rock n’ roll, funk, synth and what-not. Lyrics resonating about the Civil Rights movement to teaching an 8 month old not to touch dirty shoes; bringing a voice from the perspective of a painting at the Louvre to breaking a rib and breaking a door within the same hour.

This is answering questions before they got asked, throwing your favorite ceramic mug on your drive way in 102 degree weather, trespassing at a burnt down match factory and living 462 miles away form your best friend; One More Hour is whatever you’re feeling or not feeling when you want something or don’t want something but you know you gotta get up and do something.


Album Review

"The record is a huge step forward in both Gruber’s songwriting/performance and in production for a Madd release. One More Hour was recorded over the last year all around California—Chico, Folsom, Hollywood, Pasadena—and it’s a super-fun slice of fuzzy garage/pop rock. The catchy fist-pumping opening song, “Worth It All,” is particularly impressive in all its hyper, overdriven guitar bluster."
- Jason Cassidy - Chico News & Review