Madd & The Band,

years in the making


Rock n’ roll, punk and blues in the 21st century; Maddi Gruber (a.k.a. Madd), grew up in Chico, California. Her guitar speaks for itself leading out her sound with loud anger and distortion for the masses, backing up her vocals that speak what has to be said.

Madd started writing her own music at age 8. Seven years later, she began recording and producing her music in her bedroom. Within six months after releasing her first song to the world, Madd started her first band, Astro Turf. She then released her debut album, Q.E.D. on her own, in December 2016, while still in high school. Q.E.D was drawn from the same pencil that wrote the blues in the early 1920’s and the same crayon that drew punk in the 1970’s. In 2017, Madd made her way to Los Angeles, CA, where she completed her sophomore album, One More Hour, July 2018. One More Hour includes elements of punk, rock n’ roll, funk, synth and what-not.

Madd is currently writing and working to release new music and bring back rock to the modern world.  Madd’s sound stems from the likes of The White Stripes, The Clash, Sleater-Kinney, The Cure and Prince. Madd taught herself how to sing by building her own style with vocal inspirations Etta James and Little Richard.


The early years

Madd’s parents recognized her affinity for music when she was only 3 months old.  Colic as an infant, Madd would cry all day long. Her mom did not know what to do.  When her dad came home from work one night, happy to see his first born, he took the crying little girl from her mother and held her while playing classic rock on the stereo.  She stopped crying. In between songs or if a not so good song came on, she would cry again.  Music was her cure.

Always taking an interest in musical toys first, her parents thought the 3 year old should have a piano in the home. The first night she was pecking at the keys when her mom verbally suggested she teach herself a simple five note melody. It gave her mom and dad chills when at 3 years old, she nailed it at the first try.

Madd went on to play the flute in the 3rd and 4th grades school band. She picked up the acoustic guitar in the 5th grade but it was on her 11th birthday that she got her first electric guitar. She played it non stop for eight straight hours. That’s when it really began.

In jr. high Madd was teased for choosing the dictionary as her book of choice for reading time. Her study of the dictionary led to her compulsive writing of notes in journals.

In her freshman year of high school she started writing songs from the compiled stacks of journals with song lyrics ideas and cord progressions. She released her first album, Q.E.D. in the first semester of her senor year.